Monday, August 29, 2011

The Terror of Kindness

Check out this wonderful post:  Terror of Kindness

It's some thoughtful speculation on why we hesitate to do more acts of kindness when they are so cheap and easy to do.

It's brilliant. Go see.

Friday, July 1, 2011

What About Now?

Watch this video. If it doesn't make you want to do something today to make a difference in the world, nothing will.  Thanks to Matt Shifley for posting about his mom on Facebook and inspiring this post.  She must have really been something.

Go do something good in your world today.  Do it for Matt's mom so she can live forever.  Do it for yourself.  Just go do it because it's the right thing. Before you go to sleep tonight ask yourself, "Did I change something for the better today?"

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Fifth Meal

We have a way of feeding people that doesn't involve taking food to the foodbank.  We love donating to the foodbank and do it occasionally, but in this economy as self-employed people there is not a lot of excess grocery money to go around at our house.

So, here is what we do instead.

When we make our normal evening meal we try to make enough that we can create what's called "The Fifth Meal" (we're a family of four).  We package it up in a cool food saver tray that has compartments and a lid and voila... a whole meal we can share with someone.

Typically we share these with seniors because they are lighter eaters.  It might be 2-3 ounces of a meat main dish and a serving spoon full of veggies and another bit of side-dish.  It's not a grand meal, but it's solid and great for people on a fixed income.  We get to know people around us who are on a fixed income and find it's a real treat for them to have their lunch brought to them the next day or to have a big hunk sliced off the end of the banana bread or whatever.

Little things like that can help your neighbor feel cared for and break up their ordinary food routine.

Don't let your leftovers sit in the fridge and go bad -- create a Fifth Meal and share it with someone who could use something to eat.

Photo by: Stephen Depolo