Monday, May 18, 2009

It Must Be Save the Animals Day!

I recently watched this story from ABC News and loved it. A banker stood all day beneath a balcony trying to talk down some baby ducklings who were stuck. What a guy.

Coincidentally, I got this email from a friend of mine today:
We were over at the new acreage and discovered this tiny little guy lying in the grass right next to the concrete hanger pad. Normally, you're not supposed to bother a baby deer because his mama taught him to hold real still and will be back for him as long as you don't get your scent all over the baby. But this poor baby was obviously an orphan. You could tell he had been lying in the same spot for a long time and he was covered with ticks. Deer mommies do a great job of keeping ticks off their babies. And he was so weak he could barely lift his little head.

So after many phone calls to Fish & Game and other agencies, we finally found a wildlife rehabilitator in a town about 1-1/2 hours away. We bought a baby bottle and formula at the store and managed to get several swallows of formula down his little throat. Within minutes of hydration he started feeling a little better and had enough energy to kick his little feet and cry. He was quite a handful at this point and we determined that 1-1/2 hours in the car with him was not going to be fun. So we decided to fly him over!

The flight was less than 15 minutes and he settled down contentedly in a big blanket for the ride. The wildlife rehabilitator met us at the airport and will nurse him back to health and then take him to a wildlife refuge. She described some of the many rescues she's helped with over the years but said this was definately the first rescue baby to get an airplane ride.

Have you done anything for an animal today? (I'm catsitting!)


Anonymous said...

Wow! That story (and picture!) made my day, thank you!!

DayLee said...

Awe----Sweet! We take all our stale bread to feed the 'quack-quacks' (according to our 2 year old grandbaby)!