Tuesday, May 26, 2009

U Made My Day

We all know how addictive it is to do good deeds and random acts of kindness for strangers. A coffee customer and the owner of a coffee shop where frequent RAKs occur have teamed up to trying to get 1,000 acts of kindness done in 30 days.

They're hoping it will catch on and spread like wildfire. And, as you know, spreading change is what we're all about here!

Check out the news story and also the web site that evolved from this idea. Now go out and do something nice for someone!


Lisa said...


tantra flower said...

That's awesome.

In the article they mention that it could be something as simple as just opening the door for somebody... that is so true.

Once I was walking out of the grocery store with two big cloth bags, one in each hand, very heavy and stuffed so full there was no way either could be sat down without toppling over. Of course, that's when the automatic door decides it isn't going to open. I kept backing up and approaching the door and... nothing. A child, maybe 10, was sitting on the bench outside, saw my dilemma and came rushing to the door and forced it open for me. Made me day!!!

Wendy, I love that you have stuck with this blog. So many times people start these projects and then life starts getting in the way and they become too overwhelmed to keep up. You're an amazing woman!

Peace. :)

Wendy said...

Yes, I love those simple good deeds, too. One time I was in the grocery store and my kid was having a fit and I was trying to get him in the basket and he kept lifting one leg over so i couldn't get it into the basket, not enough arms! I was surrounded by people and not one of them helped and the basket was moving all over which was making it that much worse. I wanted to yell, "FOR THE LOVE OF PETE... SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!" LOL. It was a bad day. I know many people don't want to get involved but I would have been so grateful if some kind mom or anyone really would have at least just held the basket still for me. :)

Thanks also for your kind words. I love this blog and I know it's just a little fledgling thing and nothing flashy, but it's close to my heart so I'll keep at it!!

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