Friday, August 28, 2009

Goody Bags

Tabitha over at is spreading goody bag madness. Would you like to join her?

The basic idea of her group designed to spread kindness is to make or collect a lot of little "goodies" that are donated to different hospitals or wherever. She gives a lot of hints on what types of things to give, where and how to give them, etc. She's full of life and enthusiasm and is very inspiring.

Please go check it out. Who can you make a goody bag for today? Or can you do a drive to collect goodies that can be handed out to those who need them? What have you done to promote kindness today?

2 comments: said...

This is so very beautiful! Thank you so very much!!

Dreamer.Me said...

Hi Wendy... I really love your blog.. it's so great to see good people out and about on the internet.

My name is Brain and I am the founder of It's a REALLY EASY way to give to charity, and I'm just trying to get some more users for it. Bascially you just use it to search the internt and 100% of the profit goes to charity.

I would love it if you did a post about my site!