Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Operation Beautiful

This is one of my FAVORITE projects on the Internet. Caitlin's crusade is to end toxic "Fat Talk". Operation Beautiful is a movement of posting anonymous messages in public -- messages of positive and upbeat messages of encouragement such as a simple "you are beautiful" to the more specific messages on a scale that says "This number doesn't matter. You are gorgeous right now..." or on a dressing room mirror, "Beauty has nothing to do with the size of your clothes."

This is a totally free way to spread change! All you need is a pen and a piece of paper and a public place to put a note. Are you ready to inspire total strangers? Get out there and get to writing, get to inspiring!

Oh and by the way, you're beautiful today. Everyday, really. I'm serious.


Stephanie L. Johnson: Shy Lee Zephyr said...

Soooooo doing this. <3

Thanx for spreading the love and beauty. :)

Shannon said...

Fabulous idea. I'll be doing it!

brian papa said...

Wendy, this is awesome, I'm going to promote it as well and link back to you. I love finding great people spreading goodness on the web.

Now i'm not going to sleep at night! :)