Thursday, July 16, 2009

Restore Your Faith

Do you find it hard to be upbeat some days? While I consider myself generally optimistic, I still have days where I fall prey to doubt and discouragment and during those moments it's easy to fall into the "wow, the world really sucks" mentality.

If you have one of those days, I have a prescription for you! The site is called Gives Me Hope and it has blurb after blurb of people telling about beautiful moments in life they have experienced. Many of them are simple and sweet, but even those are deeply profound.

There is no possible way that you can go to this site and read a page of these "moments" and NOT leave in a better mood and ready to go out and do something for your fellow human.

Why not record some of your own moments while you're there? And spread the word!

1 comment:

Tantra Flower said...

A couple of the stories made me cry just now. Good tears though. :) I love this blog. And you, Wendy!!! xoxoxo