Thursday, July 2, 2009

Help a Family

Can you give your coffee money to Ellie just for today? Just one day...

I generally try to provide information about how you can do good deeds on a budget or how acts of kindness can change a life. However, I'd like to do something a little bit selfish today and ask for your attention for a friend of mine.

My friend Savannah and her husband are in Ethiopia as I write this and are bring back their new daughter that they've just been granted a visa for. Right before they left for Africa they were notified that they could receive a grant of $2,000 if they are able to raise matching funds by August 14th.

An international adoption like they are doing ranges from $25,000 and up. They have done much of the work themselves, but friends and family are trying to get the word out about this $2,000 that they have to match to see what we can do to help.

Matching grants are the frugal philanthropist's dream... whatever we give is doubled! How can you NOT love that? And how can you not admire and spread the word about a loving family who is trying to make a better life for a little girl from an African orphanage?

If you want to follow little Ellie's journey back to American with her new parents, check out their blog: Hubbard Ethiopian Adoption Adventure

If you feel like you can donate a little (or a lot of) money, you can find out where to do that on the ChipIn widget on my sidebar or at: Wish Upon a Hero

IF YOU CANNOT DONATE: Please, please, please pass this on to someone you think can or knows someone who can. We spread change not only by what we do, but how we influence others.

Other ideas:

Have a "Dinner for Ellie". Make a spaghetti supper and invite 10 friends over and have them bring five bucks each. That's $50 that turns into $100!

Do you have a business? Make a bucket for Ellie! Put a donation bucket on your counter where you work and have people toss in extra coins.

Are you creative? Sing a song for Ellie! Offer to do singing telegrams for a day and give the proceeds toward Ellie's homecoming. Or dancing. Or juggling. Or doing mime. Or go to the town square or a busy streetcorner with a donation jar and stand on your head for Ellie!

Go to church? Can you do a bake sale for Ellie?

Have kids? Can your kids to a lemonade stand for Ellie? If you have boys, have them dig worms for Ellie and sell the bait to local fisherman!

The creative possibilities are endless. At the very minimum, please pass this on to friends and tweet it and blog about it. Your karma will thank you later!

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Sky Soon said...

Good work there Wendy. Good luck with the project.