Friday, April 3, 2009


Cluttercast - Connecting through Clutter!

I ran across this really wonderful blog called Cluttercast. Have you seen it? Oh, you really must check it out.

Darryle Pollack runs the site and she decided some time ago to declutter her life. But instead of doing it the usual way (garage sales, donating locally, throwing stuff in the trash, burning the pile and dancing around it yelling, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'M FREE") she decides she will take her sentimental stuff and make a personal connection with people on the Internet.

So, she offers up each item with a lovely story and then people post a comment saying why they want it for themselves or for someone else. What a great way to make sure something you love is loved all over again. And at the same time, she's doing something nice for total strangers.

Have you done anything nice for a total stranger today?


Sassypants Wifey said...

I love the vision of burning clutter in the backyard and the yelling, that is awesome. Sounds like she has a wonderful approach to decluttering!

Darryle said...

Wendy, so glad you found Cluttercast---and wrote about it. Your blog--and your purpose---are wonderful--and I'm equally glad I found you.

Anonymous said...

Cluttercast is great. Thanks!