Thursday, April 16, 2009

Send a Rock

Here's a light one. I don't think you'll save anyone. You won't cure cancer or fight hunger or establish world peace. Actually, I don't know that anything at all will happen if you do this.

However, I read on this blog that if you send this woman in Australia a rock she will send you something back.

So, go over to Transcript of a Significant Life and get Lisa's address from the sidebar and send her a rock, because it will make her happy. And we're all about happiness over here, aren't we?

Get moving! :D

[photo credit: bemep]


tantra flower said...

I like her blog a lot. Thanks for sending me over. :)

Lisa said...

thank you so much........i do send something back, even if its something small, like a postcard or something......blessed be xx

Breeze said...

I love Lisa and my 5 year old is in charge of finding her the perfect rock from us. She's taking her time because it has to be just perfect doncha

Like your blog here!


Wendy said...

Tantra, have fun. :)

Lisa, I hope you get some fun stuff in the mail!

Breeze, nice nickname. I hope your 5 year old is able to find the perfect rock. I have a 6 year old and he will be delighted to hear about this project!