Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update on Kelaya

photo credit: tangobaby

The other day I made a plea for everyone to get the word out about Tangobaby and a woman named Kelaya who she is trying to help.

Please go read the story with these links: original story and the latest update

They've managed to mobilize some help for her but are asking for people to do what they can to help in the way of donations, job opportunities, resources and moral support. You can find her requests on the update page.

If you're a budget philanthropist and just can't spare a dime now, there IS something you can do for FREE. Tangobaby has posted an email address and requested that people send email to Kelaya through her -- words of encouragement or any messages that will uplift Kelaya's spirit as she makes her way back into the land of the "homeful".

Let's all do what we can!

[photo credit: tangobaby]

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