Saturday, January 24, 2009

National Compliment Day

Today is National Compliment Day!

Go, right now, and call someone, visit someone, turn to your neighbor, your friend, write a note... and tell someone special what's special about them.

What do you love about them? What makes them delightful, captivating?

This is even fun you can have with strangers. Compliment strangers (but don't be a weirdo, scary stalker), compliment the hot dog guy on the corner, compliment your subway seatmate. Compliment your cab driver or bus driver for hauling your carcass to work every day. What a thankless job that must be! Compliment the grocery checker on her nice smile.

Compliment your mom because she did a great job raising you, a caring, compassionate human (because heaven knows we need more of those in the world).

Compliment store-owners for keeping their sidewalks clean. Compliment worker people for giving you great service. Compliment someone if they open the door for you.

Compliment me for writing this nice post today. And while you're here tell me how nice my hair looks -- unless you are worried about going to hell for lying in which case you can compliment me on my nice eyes, which are. Nice, I mean.

Make it a game. Call a pal and see who can dish out 20 compliments first. Make an office pool -- chip in 5 bucks each and whoever does the most compliments today wins big!

And here is my compliment to you...

I don't know all of you who come here, but if you are here what I DO KNOW is that you must care about something good. You care about the world, you care about other humans. You care enough to stop and read this silly post and you have a desire to make the world a better place. I appreciate you and what you do, big and small, because without YOU the world would be a colder, darker place. You make my world better.

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