Thursday, January 15, 2009

Using Social Media for Change

Chris Brogan knows the power of social media. Today he used his powers for Good.

While on Twitter, a social networking and micro-blogging tool, Chris "tweeted" to his 34,126 followers about the Share Our Strength project and asked that they "retweet" it to their followers. Share Our Strength's mission is to help wipe out hunger in children and they have partnered with AT&T to do a text-message fund raising drive ($5 pledge per message) with up to $100,000 in matching funds.

Today, Chris Brogan got the word out to 34,126 people plus all the people THOSE people know. If every one of those original people answers Chris's call to action, he would raise, in mere moments, $170,630. With AT&T's matching funds that amount would be $270,630. All it costs you and me is $5. My lunch costs more than $5.

Sometimes all it takes is one sentence to make a difference. How can YOU use the Internet for change? What cause can you help drive through the power of social media? Harness the power of your ENTER key.

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Brandon said...

Hi. Thanks for following my blog. I was delighted to then find you have started/restarted this one. Already I've learned and passed on important charity info. Thanks again!