Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tsk Tsk: Ryan Sullivan

In the spirit of giving, I normally like to keep the blog light and upbeat because 1) it's my style and 2) who needs more negativity?

However, I've decided to add a new segment called "Tsk Tsk" just because every now and again you hear a story that just makes you shake your head and want to say, "Shame on you!"

The flagship "Tsk Tsk" award goes to Colorado Trooper Ryan Sullivan who gave a ticket to a man who helped two old ladies across the street AND saved them from getting hit by a car by throwing himself into the car's path.

You can read the whole story at Rocky Mountain News.

And if you just feel like raising a big ruckus, why not write a note and express yourself! In fact, express yourself here, too. Did Trooper Ryan Sullivan do the right thing or should he have let it slide this time?


♥ Kathy said...

That was the jaywalking man...I read that and had the same thought as you..tsk tsk. I think the officer should have let it slide. The man WAS helping the ladies and he shouldn't be punished for that in my opinion.

tantra flower said...

Tsk tsk indeed! I have something less nice to say about him, but I will leave it at that.=)